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Inventor(s):N. Reddy, S. Sukthankar

Disclosure 216 U.S. Patent 5,482,051

The invention describes methods for interactive "grasping, feeling, squeezing, and deforming" of virtual objects on a computer by an operator.The electromyographic signals received from the operator's musculature are used to dynamically control models of objects, and provide a method to interact with the object in virtual space.

These grasping and feeling sensations, together with the involvement of the operator, substantially increases the capability to provide a more realistic virtual reality (VR) experience for the operator.The interaction in VR space seems real to the operator as the third human sense of touch (i.e. tactile feedback) is combined with sight and sound.

This technology is ideally suitable for interactive 3-D Cable Channels, selling products on the Internet, VR electronic and/or amusement video games, medical training systems, rehabilitation equipment for handicapped individuals, heavy equipment operator training systems, etc.

A prototype of the system exists and is available for review.