(UA Disclosure No. _____________)



(company name)

You have expressed interest in having The University of Akron ("UA"

or "us") and _____________________________________________________,

("____________________" or "you") mutually evaluate the feasibility

of UA and _______________ entering into an agreement to facilitate

possible commercial exploitation of certain technology invented by


concerning __________________, such technology being described in

UA Disclosure Number(s) _______________________. In anticipation

of the evaluation and related discussions and negotiations, UA

intends to provide _______________ evaluation samples of the

_________________________________ for _______________'s evaluation.

Since these evaluation samples are considered to embody

confidential and proprietary information belonging to UA,

_______________ will agree to the following:


1. _______________ will only use the samples to evaluate their

effectiveness as


2. _______________ will not analyze for chemical composition

nor physical structure nor have or allow any component of a sample

provided by UA to be analyzed nor make any use of any such



3. _______________ will not transfer any portion of samples

provided by UA to any third party.


4. Upon request, _______________ will return the entirety of

any extant sample provided by UA at the end of the evaluation. If

the entirety of any sample cannot be returned due to testing or

evaluation procedures, then a report accounting for the unreturned

quantity of the sample must be provided to the UA.


5. _______________ will provide UA with a summary of their

evaluation of the effectiveness of the samples, and maintain the

evaluation and summary in confidence.


6. Nothing in this agreement shall be understood as granting,

expressly or by implication, any rights to _______________ under

the patents, technical information or know-how of UA, or as

requiring either party to purchase or engage the goods or services

of the other.

Test/Non-Analysis Agreement

UA and ____________________


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7. The foregoing obligations shall apply only to samples

provided in containers marked "Confidential" or "CONFIDENTIAL"

which are delivered to _______________ within sixty (60) days of

the date of this Agreement.


If you are in agreement with and accept the foregoing, please so

indicate by signing, dating and returning two (2) copies of this

letter agreement with original signatures. A authorized

representative of UA will then countersign both original

agreements, thus fully executing this Agreement, and one (1)

original will be returned to you for your records.




By Date:___________________


Mr. Gerald M. Parker


Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs

The University of Akron

Akron, OH 44325-2102



(company name)







Address: _____________________________________




Accepted this day of ______________, 19____.



revision 9/95

This technology is available from Temarex Corporation.