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Inventor(s):N. Nakajima

Disclosure 210 U.S. Patent 5,376,712

The objectives of this invention were to develop nylons with significantly higher impact strength compared to general purpose nylons, and without sacrificing the stiffness such that the load-bearing capability is limited (referenced table).In addition, another objective was to ensure that the process to create these enhanced materials was both simple and economical relative to other high impact-strength modified nylon technologies.

Developmental costs is minimal, process is simple, and scale-up to commercial volume is not a problem as existing production line and equipment can be used.This technology is considered "drop-in" technology with a very short developmental time-line to bring this material to the commercial market.

This technology is ideally suitable for mechanical applications where high impact-strength and high flexural modulus are required. Suitable products include automotive body components such as headlight housings; housings for cameras, electronic equipment and instruments; sports equipment such as sports racquets; tool housings, and the like.

Impact Strength and Flexural Modulus of Nylon-66 Blends

Impact Strength (J/m)Flexural Modulus (MPa)Nylon-66482.61"Super Tough" Nylon #8291.51Nylon-66 Blend #1 *5331.64Nylon-66 Blend #2 *4162.24


(1) "#" "Super Tough" is a trademark of the E.I. DuPont Company(2) "*" represents test data from experimental sample Blend #1: Nylon 66 and ACM (80/20) Blend #2: Nylon 66, ACM, and Silica ((80/16/4)